Saturday, January 3, 2009

Save your tree until Mulch Fest 2009

On 1/10/09, the NYC Dept. of Sanitation will be holding Mulch Fests (or "treecylcing" events) at various locations throughout Brooklyn, where they will be collecting Christmas trees for the purpose of converting them to mulch. This mulch will then be used around NYC for parks, trees, etc. In some locations, you can even watch the conversion live!

This is definitely the best way to go for the environment. Why not hold onto that tree just a little bit longer and put it to use for the environment and city residents, instead of sending it to a landfill?

The nearest locations for this neighborhood will be:
Amazing Garden
Cobble Hill Park
Coffey Park

Click this link for details

This just in: Amazing Garden will actually be open every day from today (1/3/09) through next weekend for people to drop off trees. Now there are no excuses.

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