Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pleasant surprise.

We were worried about the building being built on Columbia street, between Summit and Woodhull. It was unveiled recently, and it's not too bad.
Still too high, but at least it's brick, respecting the look of the rest of the street.

Update: According to the first comment below, this building is by Gino Vitale "of Red Hook fame." A quick google search of Mr. Vitale brings us to this interesting article. Thanks for the info, anonymous commenter!


Anonymous said...

Its built by Gino Vitale of Red Hook fame. The clock is interesting, but the color of the brick and the quality of the product going in suggests to me rentals. The first floor space will be commercial and according to the Frank Manzone web site is renting for 15,000 a month. Not bad for a three brownstone frontage, except what sort of business can afford that on south Columbia St. and more to the point, what sort of business can stay in business in that location. Red's looks dead 99% of the time and I wonder how long that gem will last.

All I can say is thank GOD there are no icons on this Gino building, like he does on his Red Hook properties. This isn't Sicily after all.

Andrea V. said...

I was pleasantly surprised at how the building looks as well. I especially like the clock! Classy.