Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Greenway needs your help!

While our neighborhood is fortunate enough to have the first finished piece of the Brooklyn Greenway, completion of the Greenway in some other areas of Brooklyn is meeting challenges from people who want to claim the street space for parking, driving, etc. This has particularly been an issue on Kent Avenue, South of Broadway, in Williamsburg.

If you are a biker, runner, walker, or any other supporter of safe pathways for these types of activities, please show your support for the Greenway in one of the following ways:

1) Showing up to the CB1 meeting tonight in support of the Greenway
2) Signing Transportation Alternative's e-fax campaign
3) Contacting elected officials (Nydia Valsquez, or Yassky and Reyna)

After all, our section of the Greenway will be best when it connects to a much larger Brooklyn-wide network of bike lanes and paths.
Read more info on this topic at Streetsblog

Also, check out this video of bikers riding in the area in question:

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