Friday, January 9, 2009

No diner coming, but at least we'll have some coffee and motorcycles

It seems that Chelsea's Cheyenne Diner, which was purchased by Michael O'Connell a while back, will no longer be moving to Red Hook as planned due to it not fitting over the Manhattan Bridge. As a result, it is now back on sale, according to Curbed.

While this is too bad, there is some positive news to balance it out in the form of coffee and motorcycles.

Custom motorcycle lovers will be happy to know that Keino Cycles has now moved to the Columbia St. Waterfront on Union St. and has put a motorcycle frame on the market called "The Red Hook," in honor of the area. Here is a picture from the custom motorcycle blog Cyril Huze:

As for coffee, it seems that Stumptown Coffee Roasters will be moving to Red Hook, according to the Brooklyn Paper. This coffee company was made famous in Portland and is now expanding to the East Coast. While I haven't tried this coffee personally, it seems to be a big hit among many coffee lovers. It is already available at Frankie's 457 on Court St., and the Brooklyn Paper article says that the new roasting plant will have a new Frankie's on site as well as tasting events.

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Anonymous said...

Why not transport the diner to Red Hook by barge?