Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Hook sausage parlor scheduled to open in March!

Construction of Grindhaus, a restaurant that will serve primarily sausages, seems to be in full gear for its scheduled opening this March, according to Gothamist. The opening of this restaurant was announced/anticipated sometime back, but at one point it seemed to be put on hold indefiniely. It is located at 275 Van Brunt (near Kevin's).

Here is a blog by the owner that will track some of the progress. Expect content here to pick up more as March approaches.

Also be sure to read the Brooklyn Paper article on the restaurant here, which says "The offerings will consist of five or six sausage varieties made on the premises, plus classics from around the world and newfangled concoctions that Norris will rotate into the daily offerings."

EDIT: We walked past yesterday and snapped the above picture to confirm that construction is underway.

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fyi ... that picture looks like it's marked "All rights reserved"