Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Brooklyn Life praises a local building

A Brooklyn Life randomly gave a very positive review to that new-ish building on Degraw by the intersection of Tiffany that "juts out" yesterday.

Here's what she says:
Call me crazy, perhaps the people on this block of Degraw, between the BQE and Columbia Street will, but I've always dug the modern jutting out of this browstone re-do. Kinda like a big old block of concrete dropped onto the house and fit just-so. Also, those windows would thrust a lot of light into a north-facing buildling. I like how the original character is apparent, but someone obviously set out to make a modern statement. Perhaps I'm just feeling inspired by my copy of Dwell this month. Thoughts?

I'm not sure how i feel about it one way or the other, but its always good to get some locavl coverage on other blogs. Does anyone live in that building yet? Last time I cared to pay attention it seemed empty.

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