Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Hook tv night

We started our evening with the documentary A Hole in A Fence (trailer above), which is a great documentary about Red Hook, particularly because it was shot pre-Ikea and places focus on elements of Red Hook that no longer exist. The Red Hook Community Farm, graffiti writers, Red Hook houses residents, the Waterfront museum curators, and more, all get some screen time.

After that, we watched the premier of Real World Brooklyn, which (big surprise) did not show much Red Hook scenery other than their waterfront hideaway. I actually perked up a little when the characters mentioned going to Alma, only to realize that they actually said Elmo. How disappointing.

Over all, I highly recommend A Hole in a Fence, while I partially recommend Real World for mindless entertainment and the constant suspense of how much or how little local footage they show................

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