Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Save the B71" rally recap

Here are some pictures from today's rally to save the B71 bus. The event started by a group of Columbia Waterfront and Carroll Gardens residents boarding the bus at the Columbia and Henry Street stops and riding it over to the rally on Smith. The riders were greeted by a small crowd that had already started to gather just before 5.

After 5 o clock hit, the crowd grew even larger, eventually growing to include elected officials and many of their staff members who showed up to help support the cause. Brad Lander, Letitia James, staff from Joan Millman's office, staff from Daniel Squadron's office, representatives from Marty Markowitz's office, members of COWNA, members of the Cobble Hill Association, and members of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, were all present, among others.

Some of the most exciting moments of the rally included when B71 buses drove by with everyone cheering and when Brad Lander invited children to step in front of the crowd and talk about what they use the B71 for. School and the dentist seemed to be some popular destinations, as opposed to the more expected destinations such as Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, or the the Botanic Garden.

Also worth noting from what was said by many is how this bus connects neighborhoods that aren't otherwise connected and serves as the easiest way for disabled and elderly citizens to travel.

While the MTA says this bus and many others are a done deal, we gathered to say NO and will continue to look to our elected officials for more support and action.

Check out some more pictures and comments at the Urban Meadow blog

Also check out this "Save the B71" video that a local student made:

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Great video!
How can we send it to MTA?
They should watch it!
Loved it.