Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BQE Enhancement - Community Design Workshop - July 20th

BQE Enhancement - Community Design Workshop
Tuesday, July 20th, 6:30-8:30
Location: Long Island College Hospital

For more information about this project click here. For a presentation from the previous workshop in May of 2010 on this subject, click here

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Carroll Gardens 67 said...

What I would like to know is why wasn't the owners of the houses surrounding the BQE contacted. Why weren't we part of the focus groups on the BQE.

Most of these people who took part of these studies do not live in the area of the BQE. Columbia st ,Cheever place or Henry st are not in the surrounding area of the BQE.

The surrounding area is Hicks St, Hicks & Kane, Hicks & Degraw, Hicks & Sackett, Hicks and Union etc. Including someone from Columbia street on a focus group on the BQE makes no sense. You need to speak to the people who own buildings right on/next to the BQE and see how they feel about the BQE Enhancement.

I'm talking about the ones who live right on hicks street or on the corners of Hicks and the surrounding blocks.

What is going to happen to the houses when all the construction starts. All the banging will only screw up the foundations of these houses.

Let's leave the BQE the way it's been for the past 30++ years.