Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ice Cream Parlor to open at Lido location (plus a new American Bistro on Union!)

Ice Cream on Columbia!
We heard whispers a while back that the old Lido spot was to become an old fashioned ice cream parlor. Having never fully confirmed it or hearing nothing about it since, we never got around to posting it. Brownstoner decided to run with it however, posting about it yesterday with very little information. I guess we can assume at this point that it's true? Either way, we agree with Brownstoner's comment that they should hurry up and open before summer REALLY kicks in.

American Bistro on Union
While we're at it, those who read our twitter feed will also know about the American Bistro that will be opening up on Union in the old Korhogo space. Work has been happening in recent weeks, and we'll hopefully have some more updates about that soon.

Its always so exciting to have new businesses opening up!

Image above from Brownstoner.


Andrea V. said...

Totally exciting! Thanks for the heads up. It's always so good to see empty storefronts filled again.

Anonymous said...

That Lido space has gone through so many changes over the years, all bars; hopefully this change will stick. Ice cream parlor on Columbia Street, we'll see..