Thursday, June 17, 2010

Edge of the City screening at Freebird tonight

Next up in the Dark Harbor film series at Freebird (co-sponsored by PortSide) is Edge of the City, from 1957, in which the young Sidney Poitier and John Cassavetes play hipster-longshoremen--the only film in our series to address race on the New York waterfront. Yet, as in all the films we are viewing this month, the heroic leading men are often upstaged by their nemeses. Like Matthau in Slaughter, Yul Brynner in Port of New York, Ernest Borgnine in The Mob, and Peter Falk in Murder, Inc., Jack Warden gets some of the best lines in Edge of the City.

Come out this Thursday, June 17 at 8 pm (introduced by author Nathan Ward) to witness this rarely seen Poitier classic, directed by Elia Kazan-protege, Martin Ritt.

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