Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help Added Value make another ten years possible!

Added Value opened its 10th annual farmer's market this past Saturday, marking the anniversary of a pioneer in the local food and sustainability movements. Over the course of ten years they have expanded in their home base of Red Hook and the Red Hook Community Farm, but also by expanding beyond the borders of Red Hook through such projects as the farm that they opened on Governor's island last year.

They are now asking for support that will help them continue growing in years to come. Read the email below, which contains some important links, to find out ways you can be of help:

Dear Friends,

10 Years and Still Growing!!!!

This Saturday, Added Value opened our 10th Annual Farmers’ Market What a

Aseel and Selina were working with customers, while Guillermo and Malcom helped
our 75 CSA members pick up shares. Cyrus, Eugene, Tariq and Jerry made sure the
tables stayed full by leading volunteers in harvest tasks through the day.

Since launching our work in 2001, more than 175 teenagers and 5,000 students
have participated in our programs. Now with the Added Value Farm on Governors
Island, we are poised to serve the thousands of visitors who come to the island
each week.

Today we are asking you to help launch us into our second decade of
award-winning programming. There are three different ways that everybody can
lend a hand to Added Value in the next month

(1) Before July 12, 2010: VOTE ON FACEBOOK!

Vote for Added Value on Facebook and let the folks at Chase Community Giving
know how important our work is to you. More than 200 nonprofits, such as Added
Value, are eligible for donations ranging from $20,000 to $100,000.

What you can do: Vote and SHARE this opportunity with your friends on Facebook,
Twitter and other social media. Let them know you are supporting us and ask
them to do the same. [Psst …Chase customers and employees can vote, too, so
pass it on.]


In Our Back Yard (I.O.B.Y.) provides an easy, quick way to donate any amount to
Added Value programs. Specifically, we are working to raise $3,219 for "Growing
on Governor's Island,” h

This initiative will support the cultivation of three new acres of farmland.



Give $1,000 by June 30 and get a 25% tax credit.

Recently, Added Value was awarded Empire Zone Tax Credits. However, New York
State is canceling the program effective June 30, 2010 -- so we need to act
fast to take advantage. Make a donation to Added Value of $1,000 or more before
June 30, 2010, and you can reduce your tax bill by 25% of the value of

The tax credit applies to individuals AND corporations filing taxes in New York
State. and provides benefits in addition to any deductions for charitable
donations on both New York and federal income tax returns.

Why is this important for Added Value? Donations of this substantial size help
Added Value cultivate more land, and improve crop storage and transportation.
These improvements help us raise more revenue and ensure the long-term
sustainability of our programs. And the bigger we grow, the more Added Value
can do to reach its important social goals, including:

-- Expansion of Opportunity for Local Youth: More cultivated space means more
jobs and more lives changed for a better future.

-- Improved Heath in our Community: More investment in increasing our CSA
(Community Sponsored Agriculture) membership and the successful Farmer’s
Market means more healthy families.

-- Increased Educational Programming: Help us build our farms into dynamic
centers for sustainability educational and agricultural resources for kids and

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