Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 Burro is Open!

A twitter message announcing their grand opening:
@5burro: GRand Opening!! June 1st. 5 Burro Brooklyn. 127 Columbia street. 5pm

....and a message on Twitter from what appears to be one of their first guests:

@robert_guerrero: wht an amazing time 2nite at @5Burro Cafe in Brooklyn. cngrts 2 them....Outdoor spot on the Columbia Waterfront is key.

Click the image above to check out their site

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Alan A said...

I have been a regular at the Forest Hills location for over 15 years. The new 5 Burro in Brooklyn is every bit as good as their cantina in Forest Hills. The best Mex in NYC and the Margaritas are very potent. I'm glad I can walk to the Burro on Austin Street. With drinks this good you can't drive.