Monday, October 26, 2009

Phil's Crummy Corner hosts classic block party!

Phil's Crummy Corner hosted a fantastic block party for family, friends, and curious passers-by last night, on what turned out to be a beautiful evening.

We were lucky enough to catch the tail end of the party and our only regret is that we wish we had been there for the whole party! The food we had, including barbecue chicken, pulled pork, grilled chorizo, rice, and grilled onions and peppers was amazing. Even now, my mouth waters remembering the menu.

The music, which could be heard up Columbia St. - prompting many of the curious passers-by, was also great, with a live band playing Bachatta and Salsa music, and everyone in attendance either dancing in the street or bobbing their head while they ate.

These pictures - taken on an iphone when the party was getting ready to wrap up - just don't do the party justice, so take our word for it!

Phil's weekly weekly schedule is as follows (as of September 09, and presumably still the same now):

Karaoke Thursdays 9PM to 12AM
DJ Fridays 10PM to 2AM
Salsa Band Saturday 11PM to 2AM

Even though Phil's is tucked away on Hamilton, be sure to check it out sometime if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

I was out walking my dog the other night, a group walked out to have a smoke from the crummy corner. A female in the group who could barely stand, got her keys out, slurred a goodbye, the group laughed at how drunk she was, and she got into a SUV and drove off. and by driving I mean she was behind the wheel, and moving.

Its bothered me since, should I have called the cops on her? did she kill someone. But my point is a lot of folks drive to that bar, and a lot of drunk people come out of it. They may want to watch how drunk people get... or maybe someone could get really hurt or die.

and that music was great, but when it started I had no idea what was going on... I just assumed it was Moonshine, but at least they put up flyers...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:
Please do not tell lies. My husband and I are the Owners of Phil's Crummy Corner, we work hard and would never let anyone over drink, let alone drive. You have no idea how much $$$$$ we spend monthly on car service. To get our customers home safely.! I am offended by your remarks and hope that you speak with truth when you blog. If it was so that you witnessed why didn't you call the police and report it. We have not had (knock on wood) any problems with the police nor any of our customers in 4 years that we have been there. So be respectful. My hope is that when you are out drinking and are drunk that you have someone who can make sure you get home safely too.