Thursday, October 22, 2009

Columbia St. crash photos from 10/14 and 10/18

The following photos were taken by YumKim Yee, a member of the COWNA Public Services Committee. YumKim was also responsible for writing the letter to the DOT back in June that we previously mentioned.

We would like to urge readers to continue to snap photos like these, take note of dates and times, and submit them so that we can continue to document how dangerous this stretch of Columbia St. is.

Accident at President and Columbia on 10/18/09:

YumKim's comments:
Involved 2 cars on a Sunday afternoon of 10/18 where there were several injuries. Note the red car that went over the sidewalk & into the bushes in front of the building. By coincidence, this accident location is the very takes place where we asked DOT, 76th Pct & CB6 to install a traffic light/stop sign but was told that there was not enough incidents to warrant it.

Accident at Union St. and Columbia on 10/14/09 around 8am:

YumKim's comments:
Occurred at "8am" on Wednesday morning of 10/14. It involved a white van traveling s/bound on Columbia St. followed by a yellow taxi (I took the shot from my window above). Fortunately no fatalities from both cars (incl. taxi passengers) but you can imagine that someone could have been pinned between the taxi and pole/parked car...

And if you're just tuning in, don't forget the other crash that occurred on 10/18 within very shortly before the one pictured above

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Anonymous said...

BTW a man who was coming back from the food pantry at the church on Summit got hit by a car yesterday. He looked ok.

and yesterday there was a line of traffic on Summit all day, and pretty much every car rolled through the stop sign at Summit and Columbia making almost impossible to cross.