Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Motor Inn Romance (via Lost City)

Lost City made a post yesterday about the Brooklyn Motor Inn after seeing an ad for it at the Cobble Hill Cinema:
I've always thought it a curious location for a motel.....But I always suspected it was there for businessmen who had business in the area, folks who drove in, took their meeting, slept and drove out.

Apparently not. I was taking in a film at Cobble Hill Cinemas when, prior to preview, an ad for the Brooklyn Motor Inn appeared on the screen. It showed a picture of a lovey-dovey couple next to the caption, "Isn't it time for a little romance?"

Ah. So are they renting rooms by the hour, now? Honestly. Romance? The Brooklyn Motor Inn?

I must say I've always found it a curious location as well, and also assumed it was primarily for people doing business in the area, truck drivers, or other non-vacationers. Has anyone ever put up visiting family or friends there - or took it even further and gone there for a little romance? Either way, the Motel does contribute to our neighborhood's character and I would like to see that advertisement!

Also worth noting is that Lost City's image above doesn't show the hotel's view of the Battery Tunnel, the BQE, and the anti-pedestrian nature of the streets around it that result from these roadways.

Image from Lost City


B. Kerr said...

Several familymembers stayed there a couple years ago and liked it just fine. Of course, we're hicks from the sticks, so take that for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

About four years ago, we had an awful fire on Luquer Street...nobody was hurt, thank G-d, however, many of us had major fire/smoke damage. My husband and I took our cat and the clothes on our backs and moved into the Brooklyn Motor Inn for four months!! (the cat eventually moved to the country for a bit of a vacation)

We stayed there from Monday nights through Thursday nights and headed to PA for the weekends. Although, we did stay around for a few weekend and had friends/family come to visit on occasion!

The place is quite clean and the staff very pleasant (although, we did become family since we were there for so long!!)

Yes, there is a "short stay rate" and there seemed to be lots of "usuals" coming and going after work.....all, of course with smiles on their faces!!

And, there is free porn on the TV...which we discovered when our 11 year old nephew was visiting and channel surfing!! Of course, we slammed off the TV......aand turned it right back on as soon as he left!

If you are sending your family there....make sure that you ask for the third floor.....real towels, shampoo,nice soap, etc!! vs second floor.....short stay=paper bath mats, cheapo towels, mouthwash-no shampoo!!

Plus, it's in such a great neighborhood.....Red Hook, Columbia Street, close to Carrol Gardens....the best of Brooklyn is within walking distance!!