Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad accident - President and Columbia St.

EDIT: Please submit photos or other details about yesterday's accident and other recent accidents along Columbia St. to us. We are in the process of compiling info and reaching out to various officials and groups to take action. Stay tuned for ways to get involved.

EDIT 2: We've heard word from the 76th Precinct that no pedestrians were involved, and that it was two cars. While this is a relief in one sense, it is still troubling that this corner seems quite prone to accidents.


There was a bad accident on the corner of Columbia Street and President Street today
We have already alerted a number of elected officials about it and the ongoing danger that this corner has become, but are looking to do more.

Please let us know of any details you might have about this and other accidents, and we'll use that information to get elected offices in the loop as well as possibly help create an online petition or letter writing campaign.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to pressure the DOT to do something about the traffic on Columbia, and the wrong way Summit St. for years now.

In particular the 7pm parade of semi's that roll through between 6 and 8 pm from the Port. CB6 forwarded a complaint to the DOT which issued a letter saying that the truck traffic is because of the Gulf station on Hicks which is the only diesel outlet locally. The logic is baffling as that gas station is closed at that time. Also how the Ikea buses where given a special pass to allow them to travel on Columbia. Remember, Columbia is still a construction zone. In fact the DOT just put up a no parking during construction sign at Columbia and Summit. The reality is that Columbia is technically closed except for local traffic, still. No Fung Wah buses, no 53 foot trucks from Fairway, no buses from the cruise ship terminal, not even a car trying to avoid a slow down on the BQE. But the 76th won't enforce the rules, because its a traffic cop job or some crap. Just a shining example of just how broken this city really is.

I can tell you first hand that at least once a week a 53 foot truck gets stuck at Columbia and Summit and a cop car from the 76th just buzzes by doing NOTHING. Its maddening.

After a delivery person died on Columbia at the very location of todays crash, they put up stop signs at Summit. and a light at Sackett. Ignoring the issue of blind turns, and small streets.

Personally, I'd like to see Van Brunt head south and Coumbia head north one way.

but honestly I'm just tired of chasing wind mills.

Danielle said...

I found this blog post when searching for more information about todays crash:

I hope something is done about this corner! There are lots of children on President Street heading to the park.

Hope everyone in the accident today is ok.

Anonymous said...

I think people need to pool their resources. I was just about to start a blog on this issue because I can't stand it anymore. I heard that accident and saw the injured.

I have seen so many accidents since the construction finished on Columbia Street. Only moments before there was an accident at Columbia and Summit--no one injured. I also witnessed a pedestrian hit on Columbia and Summit. When my husband worked from home he saw frequent daily occurances of semi-truck stuck and the subsequent swearing, cars driving on the sidewalk to get around. Our trees were also damaged this way.

Enough is enough. We have complained to 311 numerous times and gone to the local precinct.

I have take some photos. If we pool all our resources maybe we can get something done. You can contact me at

Kevin said...

I am concerned as well and willing to do something about it. Does anyone know how the pedestrians who were hurt are doing? Its very concerning that on a sunday morning, in a nice quite block that the traffic enforcement is so bad that something of this magnitude can happen. Is it so bad to put up a stop sign? Or make van brunt a real street again? And how fast were those drivers going? Because you don't crush in the whole hood of your car when going 25mph

Anonymous said...

I live on President St at Columbia and I was at home when the accident occured. My partner and I ran out to help. It was a pretty bad accident with injuries. Also, minutes later there was a second (less serious) accident a Columbia and Summit.
This morning I spoke to Ms. Luyando 718-802-3777 at the Borough President's Office and Craig Hammerman at community board 6 (718) 643-3027.

Both parties told me that they would file reports requesting the DOT to perform a study. There are probably other things we can do like show up at the next CB6 meeting but for now I would like to encourage everyone to call both numbers above to make complaints. I was also told that these studies can take up to several weeks so the more residents they hear from the better. Perhaps there will be a way to have the study expedited.

Please pass these numbers on to others in the neighborhood as well.

I will also be stopping by to speak to the 76 precinct about the constant traffic violations (cars parked illegally outside the stores on the corner etc) that also contribute to dangerous conditions on our corner. There should at least be a camera installed at that corner to document and catch some of these violations.

Tracy said...

Can someone provide some detail on the accident that occurred?

I often have problems at that corner walking my dog. you can't see around the cars parked until it's too late and a car zips right by.

Patrick said...

The other real issue is the still not finished hwk700a. That is the city DDC title for the Columbia street project.

I asked our city council rep for months/ years about the status, and emailed pictures to Bill Debasio's office. All I got was silence. I even called and asked(demanded that someone respond), after being placed on hold was told there was a meeting to discuss it. WOW, sad that what she was actually talking about was the rezoning meeting at LICH, and I had to correct her. and she had the gaul to say, well I guess you know about this 'stuff'. It was just so nuts, Finally after sending 25 emails, I got a response that no one knows what the status of HWK700a is. ohh yes And I should contact CB6.. I had already done that.

Hammermann is great at responding but doesn't have the power of an elected official. This needs the attention of someone maybe trying to will a city wide office. Like ohh I don't know... bill deblasio???

What I would suggest, is we picket the corner of Summit and Van Brunt ( by the Chase bank) and only let in legal traffic. That means people that are going to shop in OUR Neighborhood, persons who live here and MTA buses. No Ikea pass throughs, no Fairway shoppers, no trucks at all ( they should enter via Hamilton) etc... Invite the TV and print media and embarrass them into action.

I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been hit crossing the street, and Columbia St is nothing short of the ALT BQE route and at worst a drag strip.

Anyone up for a Saturday picket?

I've lived on Columbia St for 6 years and first they dug up the street to replace the septic, then the street, and then just left it half finished, and the worse part the stress it causes us everyday. I honestly don't even know what normal is for this nabe. unless they just want us to deal with it...

Chris B. said...
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Anonymous said...

There were two cars involved. One ended up on the curb, facing into the yard on the SW corner. The other was on Columbia St, at the south edge of the intersection, perpendicular to traffic (nose pointed west).

Based on where they ended up (and the poor visibility that you have from the President St. entry to the intersection), I assumed one car was pulling across Columbia on President and was hit by a south-bound car.

But, then again, I didn't see the accident. The guys in the Columbia Market could probably give an eyewitness account.

Anonymous said...

I posted about this awhile back. Now, I am sorry to say, my family has moved from our apt. on Columbia--the noise from the trucks was horrible.

Anonymous said...

I am brand new in the neighborhood, Columbia and Woodhull, and my family and I are shocked by the noise and traffic. Every other day an 18 wheeler gets stuck right by us blocking traffic for good 15 minutes.
I take pictures when I can.The police cars drive by and don't even look. No tickets, not even warnings. Already two parked cars have been damaged by turning truck since I am there.
I am up for a picket! That would be the only way to get attention from authorities.
If anyone is up for more gerrilla style tactics, I have a few ideas.....

Anonymous said...

I too live on the corner of Columbis and President. I was home at the time of the crash, and the time before that when a man on a motorcycle was struck by a livery cab. I pull out onto that intersection multiple times daily, and every time am afraid of being in a collision. I drive a car with a very long hood (crown victoria) and end up halfway out in the street before i can even see if anything is coming, putting me in serious risk of being in an accident a daily issue.
And I'm sick of it.