Monday, October 12, 2009

Lead Paint removal on HIcks St Bridges

One of our readers has been doing some investigating into the work being done on the BQE bridges on Kane St, Union St, Sackett St and Summit St.

Our reader, concerned with the hazardous waste containers, talked to Kieran Aherns, the owner of Aherns Maintenance & Supply Corporation which has been contracted to do the job.

Here is the process: every night from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM they sand blast the old (lead) paint off the bridges with a special vehicle that is driving on the BQE right under each bridge. Apparently this is a nearly sealed process and the dirt is being sucked off by an industrial grade hepa vacuum that's part of the specialty vehicle. The vacuum part gets connected to the hazardous waste containers, which function as receptacle for the solids. Mr. Aherns stated that there won't be any danger to the public and that they're constantly monitoring the air quality around the work site.
We join our reader's concern with the residual dust in the daytime, contained only by plywood and tarp. However according to the PDF below, a number of Environmental and Health agencies approve this process.

The NYC DOT who hired Aherns does not seem to have more information on their site besides the nightly advisory:

Images and information submitted by reader

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epc said...

If this is the same equipment DOT used on a recent lead abatement project on Washington St at the BQE in DUMBO, be prepared for the loudest ground level noise you have ever heard in your life, unless you stand behind a jet engine at takeoff on a regular basis.

The vacuum which provides the negative pressure for the lead dust was audible over the sound of the trains on the Manhattan Bridge, which is quite a feat.