Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nighttime is for Dreaming at Lucky Gallery

"Nighttime is for Dreaming"
at Lucky Gallery

opens October 9th and continues through October 31st
Red Hook, Brooklyn

The exhibition includes a series of events - an artist workshop, reception and performance. The exhibition features a collaboration of different mediums, including light, sound, photographic images and text.
Christoperh Coggiano's light installations of wire and handmade paper are brilliant colors of organic shapes. Ralph Maratta's black and white photographs "Big Dreams" are surrealistic dreamlike imagery inspired by the idea that humankind shares a bank of common symbols in our "universal unconscious". Alix Sorrell is collaborating with Maratta, interpreting his text and visually displaying it within context of the installation in the gallery."War of the Lightning Bugs" is providing an evolving experiment in spontaneous sound inspired by the repetition of each passing day, the aggressive tension of congested roadways, the peaceful dreaming of free time and the happiness of coming home on a Friday night. The soundtrack is a reaction to the imagery and themes of the photos and is used as a mechanism for triggering universal ideas and emotions.
Lucky Gallery is located at 176 Richards Street - Brooklyn, NY. 11231
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