Monday, February 2, 2009

Worrisome pile of unidentified compound grows near Columbia St.

A neighborhood resident submitted this picture and the following description to us via Facebook:

I took this photo Sunday morning. Since Saturday evening, working 24/7, large dumptrucks have been hauling thousands of tons of road salt or some kind of road de-icing compound to the upland area from pier 9A, at the foot of Kane St.

The pile is already about 30 feet high and looks like it will cover about 2-3 acres. It seems very unlikely that the pile will be covered and will probably be there even after the winter is over.

As you can imagine, in heavy rains some of the compound is bound to runoff onto Columbia St. and damage or kill the newly planted trees there. Additionally, in high winds, you can imagine the damage that the windborn salt particles will do to trees, cars, buildings and people in the neighborhood.

This is worrisome indeed. Anyone have any more info about this?

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Conor said...

They've been unloading it at night for the past few days. I don't know which pier it is, but it's the one at the end of Carroll.