Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sandwich Day made easier for Manhattanites

We recently caught up to the rest of the world by watching the series 30 Rock on DVD. In the series, there's an episode in which Union members that work at the 30 Rock building bring sandwiches for everyone else from a secret Brooklyn shop for "Sandwich Day." While watching this episode a while back, we remarked that perhaps that secret shop was Defonte's, the sandwich shop on Columbia, just South of the battery tunnel entrance.

If it was Defonte's, sandwich day just recently became much easier and less secretive for Manhattanites, because Defonte's has opened a Manhattan location in Gramercy at 3rd Ave. and 21 St, about 30 blocks South of the Rock.

While i'm very excited to hear about a longtime local business expanding operations, I'll personally still opt to get my sandwich fix right here on Columbia St.

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