Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drama over Obama beer in Red Hook

Local food and beverage producers be warned - don't name your product after politicians. Local brewery Sixpoint Ale has had some major drama over their specialty brew "Hop Obama" in recent months, ending in a Federal raid. Shane Welch sent out the following message on Facebook today to explain:

People have been asking, so here is the deal:

Sixpoint was raided by the Feds and they put the kabosh on our Hop Obama. Naturally, I was infuriated by the censorship so I decided to do what I've done from the start - turn it into a story and allow the company to serve as a platform for delivering the story. However, this was quickly squashed by the Feds as well. Apparently, they did not want us making the beer NOR did they want me to create a story out of it.

Then, the plot thickens....The Department of Homeland Security gets involved. We recently received an official cease and desist letter from them claiming we must take immediate acts to shut down and exterminate our production, dissemination, and distribution of this brand or the Federal government will enact punitive fines and/or seize control of our brewery.

Don't worry though, the Hop Obama will live on, and be stronger than it ever was. We have a plan.... Kind of like Obi-wan Kenobi when he was struck down by Vader and came back as the guiding voice for Luke Skywalker. There will be a new reincarnation of the beer, along with many others.

Speaking of many others...the largest assembly of Sixpoint beers to date will be at Barcade this Tuesday, Feb 17th - I sent out an invite a few minutes ago, you most definitely don't want to miss this one if you're around...


Shane C. Welch

The Brooklyn Paper also publsihed a story on the matter here.

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