Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lenell's, Annabelle's, and more

Walking past Lenell's today, it looks like the final date is set for 2/21. She is actively looking for a new home.

According to other sites this week, it looks like Annabelle's/La Bouilllabaisse may also be closing - or at least having a change in management. We never got a chance to try it, but are really surprised that this is happening so soon as its only been open since this summer. Read about it (and more on Lenell's) on Gowanus Lounge here.

As for some good news - there are whispers about it being Six Points 4th anniversary this year, with a special brew to honor the occassion. According to a blog called Down by the Hipster:
They are rolling out a special 4th Anniversary Dubbel Trubbel, a Belgian Chocolate Dubbel featuring chocolate nibs from the Mast Bros. out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. According to the Pointers, "it's 9.6% ABV with hints of banana and lots of chocolate."

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Lisa Chamberlain said...

Bouillabaisse is indeed closing but will be under the same management, just a less expensive restaurant. Burgers and pizza kind of thing. At least that's what the owner told us when we had lunch at Petite Crevette over the holidays.