Monday, February 16, 2009

Suburban Red Hook (and its not the one upstate)

The site of the old Revere Sugar Refinery, pictured above, has been rumored for months now to be the site of a future mall, including a large BJ's store. Well, just when some people thought that the rumor was dying down and that it wouldn't be happening after all, Curbed got a hold of some of the plans and posted them online this week. Head over to their site to view them.

While the suburbanization (big boxization?) of Red Hook and its waterfront isn't ideal in many ways, there are actually some redeeming elements to the plans including "artfully stacked shipping containers.....[that] will serve as public space for enjoying the waterfront views... 75,000 square feet of esplanade along the waterfront.....a green roof..... and public space."

Much of the remaining structure appears as if it is also being incorporated into the plans, which is also a good thing.

All of that being said, its still a mall.

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