Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stimulus for Red Hook Community Courts

NYTimes reported yesterday on tallying of Stimulus money, and included in those tallys is some funding for Red Hook:

Hardly a day has passed in the six months since President Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus package without an elected official announcing how a chunk of the $5 billion or so that is coming to New York City will be spent.

The money has been designated for a wide variety of uses, including road and bridge repairs ($215 million), summer jobs for teenagers and young adults ($18.5 million), public-housing improvements ($374.2 million), food stamps ($841 million) and Medicaid ($1.59 billion).......

........Nearly $36 million will enable the Police Department to hire 125 new transit officers, which will allow more experienced officers to be utilized in anti-terrorism teams; an additional $3.5 million will help pay for community courts in Midtown and Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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