Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooking classes and nutrition counseling by local mom

Are you tired of cooking the same 6 meals, over and over?
Are you short on inspiration and time?
Would you like to learn new dishes, save time and money AND have fun??

Save money, eat healthier- learn to cook smarter, in your own home!

Naidre Miller is a Chef, and a nutrition and cooking counselor and she wants to help you eat better. She can show you how to make easier and healthier choices without preaching, help you plan meals for your family without making you go insane, and point out some easy steps to help you save time and money. Naidre is also the single mother of an awesome two-year son, owned and operated two area restaurants and is currently the manager of a local kid's gym, Everyday Athlete Kids.

Thanks to Naidre's sound advice, I have been able to keep my weight in check during my pregnancy (which should be ending any minute now!!), and I am counting on her easy and effective tips to get back into shape.

Classes include: Learn The Basics, Easy Family Meals, Smart Grocery Shopping, Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, or invent your own class

Cooking classes average 2 1/2 ½ hours. Keep all the food prepared during class. Recipes are printed for you to keep. Shopping service available. Prices vary depending on menu and number of students.

Get some friends together and have a COOKING PARTY in your own home instead of going out for another expensive and mediocre meal!!

Discounted series rates and gift certificates available.

Cook Faster. Cook Better. Cook Smarter

For more information check out the website or call Naidre directly at 917-373-5801.

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