Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Endorsement for City Council, 39th District

Residents of the Columbia Waterfront, Carroll Gardens, and other neighborhoods within District 39 are facing what can be considered both a blessing and difficult challenge in the upcoming election on September 15th: having to choose between five great candidates for City Council. That being said, we have personally decided to endorse one specific candidate and with this post we will tell you why.

We've decided to endorse Brad Lander for City Council because Brad has proven to us time and time again that he is the right person for the job and for our neighborhood. Below are some of the main factors that led us to this conclusion:

The Personal Touch
We didn't know Brad or any of the other candidates before this campaign started, but Brad has personally reached out to us on several occasions to allow us to get to know him. From sitting down with us one on one over coffee to hear about our issues and concerns for the neighborhood, to coming to neighborhood meetings, inviting us to events, and running into us out and about, he has shown to us that he is personally committed and invested in our community.

Local Results and Vision
Brad recently held an event announcing plans and a petition regarding the future of the Port and its environmental impacts. We consider this to be probably THE biggest issue in the Columbia Waterfront area and his ideas for the Port are right on target.

Brad was also an instrumental force in getting the salt pile covered a couple months back. He came out to the neighborhood emergency meeting regarding that issue, and it was him that made the right calls to get ASI to admit to their mistakes and to get the pile covered.

Track Record and Experience
Aside from the personal experiences we've had with Brad discussed above, we're also very impressed with his resume. He has held leadership positions at the Fifth Avenue Committee and the Pratt Center for Community Development over the past 16 years, and has also been highly involved at Community Board 6 as part of the committee for Economic, Waterfront, Community Development, and Housing. These are all great organizations working around Brooklyn or the city as a whole, and they work with the issues most important to our neighborhoods: affordable housing, economic development and opportunity, environmental justice, and sustainable development. With these organizations, Brad has also shown a commitment to community-based planning and working with local residents to tackle issues from the ground up.

For just one example of the great work that Brad has done, check out the Pratt Center’s “Blueprint for Economic Growth,” which he helped to create.

He Reads Our Blog
Not only did he join our Facebook group (which several of the other candidates have done) but he's also referenced posts we've made in the past 24 hours when we've randomly run into him out and about. It's great to know that he pays attention in a real way.

Read more about Brad Lander and his campaign, including other endorsements he's received here

Chris and Jessie Barker
Creators, The Word on Columbia Street

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