Friday, April 9, 2010

SCRATCHBread to move to Columbia st.

The Village Voice reported earlier this week that SCRATCHBread, a popular Brooklyn based baker that sells bread at Brooklyn Flea among other places, has found a new home on Columbia St.

According the article:
Back in February, word got around that SCRATCHbread's Matthew Tilden was looking for a new space in which to bake his excellent bread. ....
Late last week, he found a new baking facility on a stretch of Columbia Street along the Red Hook-Carroll Gardens border. While Tilden cautions that it's going to take awhile before he gets bread production up and running again (he still needs a wood-burning oven), he's happy to have found a new home. Stay tuned for further details.
What's not clear in this Voice post is whether or not it is just a kitchen space or if it will also have a storefront. I've heard great things about SCRATCHBread and the choices on the website look amazing! While its always good to have new business moving in, being able to get that bread locally would be especially exciting!

Full Village Voice article here
SCRATCHBRead website here
Edible Brooklyn article here

Image above from Edible Brooklyn

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Lovely Bunny said...

Betcha this is in the old DUB pies space up by DeGraw street. There's been some activity there lately from some hip-looking folk. And there's a good-sized bakery in the back.