Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phoenix Beverages has arrived

Anyone walking past near Piers 7 or 11 recently may have noticed an increased level of activity. Those in the know will realize that this activity is related to new pier tenants Phoenix Beverages moving in and starting operations. For more information about this, see here.

Signs I've seen so far include dozens of beer trucks lined up in the parking lot of Pier 7 (near Atlantic), a truck with Phoenix written on it coming down Van Brunt near Hamitlon, and a small bus marked "Phoenix Employee Transport" headed north on Van Brunt.

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Phoenix and its employees to the area, but also to remind readers, elected officials, the EDC, and the higher-ups of Phoenix of community concerns and demands that have been stated in the past:

- All trucks should be retrofitted to run on Compressed Natural Gas as soon as possible(Have a timeline or benchmark deadlines ever been established for this within the original seven year projection?)
- Truck traffic should stay off local streets, driving behind pier gates or directly onto the BQE
- Phoenix should give local residents priority for new job openings

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