Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We've got some catching up to do.....

The last few weeks have been SUPER busy in our lives outside of this blog, and as a result, the contents and frequency of our posts have both been lower than our usual standard. Below are some of the stories that we missed or are late on, in no particular order. Links to the places that got to the stories in a more timely fashion are included.

  • Brooklyn Paper reported that Van Brunt is going to get more garbage cans (finally!!!). We think that Columbia St. and the surrounding streets could use more too, since one often has to walk for several blocks to find one, and the few there are often overflowing.
  • Red Hook and Carroll Gardens will also be getting more bike lanes! Brooklyn Paper reports that a popular 9th St. lane will be extended from 3rd Ave. to Hamilton Ave. and continue there for one block to provide a connection to Clinton St. (for a safer path towards the Brooklyn Bridge). New 2-way lanes will also be added on Columbia between 9th St. and Bay St in conjunction with new diagonal parking spaces and medians for safer street crossings.
  • And just when you thought Red Hook was catching a break with the new garbage cans and bike lanes, the Daily News reports that its also going to be the home of a huge new concrete plant - raising fears over potential noise, pollution, and traffic.
  • NY Mag reports that Laurent Brunacci, of Pit Stop fame, is now the head chef of the new restaurant at Hotel Rivington in Manhattan, LEVANTeast. While this sounds great for Laurent, what will become of Pit Stop? It doesn't ease our worries to see an ad for the restaurant in the window of Cozy Quarters on Union
  • Tom Folsom, author of the Gallo gang book "The Mad Ones" and guide of the recent Freebird sponsored Joe Gallo walking tours appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a couple weeks back. Check out the video here
  • WPIX 11 reports that the sound of love-making by Mockingbirds is driving Carroll Gardens residents crazy. Apparently the Mockingbird population has been on the rise in recent years, and by the sound of it, it will continue to do so.

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