Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ferries and Farms at Governor's Island

Down at the end of certain streets and piers, or when the trucks and container stacks at the Marine Terminal aren't blocking the view of others, it can be easily seen that Governor's Island is REALLY close to our neighborhood. Despite its closeness, however, it hasn't always been the easiest place to get to.

That all recently changed with a new free ferry service that leaves from Fulton Ferry landing on weekends. Head on over to the Gov. Island website for schedule information and event listings for the island. Make sure to check the site before you go though, because the ferry doesn't always run.

In related news, the folks over at Added Value/The Red Hook Community Farm have recently opened a second farm at Governor's Island! Crops should be ready for sale sometime in late July, and proceeds will go towards providing stipends to local youth that work at the Red Hook farm, reports the NYTimes.

Image from NYTimes

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