Friday, June 5, 2009

A drive-in by WORK

On an empty lot at union st. & Van brunt


A DRIVE-IN II will occur Sunday night June 7th, 2009 at Approximate Dusk at the empty lot across the street from WORK Gallery: 65 Union Street @ Van Brunt, Brooklyn, NY.

A DRIVE-IN is a distinguished un-authorized projection party held sporadically at an empty lot in Red Hook, Brooklyn since 2008. Brought to you by WORK Gallery & CLEARCHANNEL (Walker Waugh, Jessie Stead & David Gatten).

The evening will feature casual outdoor projections of new and used 16mm film & video by different people onto big white semi-abandoned trailers. There will also be intermittent live music and other surprises, specific program TBA. No automobiles are required at A DRIVE-IN II. All transportation forms welcome especially rollerskates and rickshaws and cars too if you have one.

Watch a demo from the first A DRIVE-IN:

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