Tuesday, June 30, 2009

COWNA Meeting tomorrow at Jalopy

A general meeting of the Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood Association will take place tomorrow at 7pm at Jalopy.

Items on the agenda include:

- The salt pile on ASI's piers

- A presentation of Senator Squadron's plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park

Venetia Lannon, VP of the Economic Development Corporation will present their plans for the Atlantic Basin on Wednesday, July 1st, at CoWNA's General meeting held at 7 PM at Jalopy (315 Columbia Street).

I strongly recommend that people try to make it out to this meeting, as all three items on the agenda are very important. The EDC presentation in particular should be quite interesting, as it seems many of the good pieces of the plan that was presented a while back have been quietly stripped away. Check out Red Hook resident Adam Armstrong's blog "A View From the Hook" for his take on EDC and Port Authority meetings that he's attended over the past couple months regarding the Cruise Terminal and the Container Port, as well as any other Port related issues.

*****Also - since neither of us can go due to scheduling conflicts, we'd GREATLY appreciate it if someone that does go could take some notes on the discussion and presentations and send them our way.

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