Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recap of the first Urban Meadow Spring Egg Hunt

Despite the delay due to rain on Saturday, the first ever Spring Egg Hunt in the Urban Meadow was a great success yesterday. Thanks to all who participated, helped out, and donated. We collected more donations at the event to make future events like this possible.

An extra special thanks to all of the businesses that helped with the event through their donations and other contributions: Everyday Athlete Studio, Woofs and Whiskers, the Coffee Den, Jet Set Salon, Jalopy, Red's Tapas Bar, Old Brooklyn Wine and Liquor, Brooklyn General Store, and Pizzazz Kids. If you find yourself in any of these businesses this week, be sure to tell them thanks!

Here are some of the highlights:

The crowded started gathering at the gate over 10 minutes before the 4:30 start time
When given word, parents and kids raced in with their baskets to find the 200 eggs hidden throughout the meadow (Next year we'll aim to do at least 500!)

When all of the eggs were found, everyone sat down to take a look at their bounty

Woofs and Whiskers then showed up with a real live bunny!And Everyday Athlete Studio gave out balloons while everyone snacked on coffee and treats provided by the Coffee Den

Any local residents or businesses that are interested in helping out, planning, and spreading the word about more events like this, please come to the first open meeting of the Urban Meadow this Saturday at 1 PM or email urbanmeadow[at]gmail.com

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