Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Kurt Vonnegut Composter

Anyone walking down Columbia just above Degraw over the past couple of days may have noticed the new addition to the greenway side of the block: a public compost bin with images and text related to Kurt Vonnegut all over it.

Neither of the posts i've seen on it (Brooklyn Paper and Mother Nature Network) were able to figure out who to thank for this lovely piece of street furniture, making it that much more mysterious, however my wife and co-blogger reports that it used to actually be on Tiffany Place before being relocated here.

Either way, anything to increase the community's ability to compost is a good thing, especially when done in such a stylish way. I vote that someone funds a collaboration between artists and environmental groups to install similarly styled composters throughout all Brooklyn neighborhoods, parks, and gardens.

**I walked past it today, but didn't have the camera with me, and therefore these images are from the Mother Nature Network

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