Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ballfields Vendors will be back May 2nd!

Speaking of the Red Hook ballfields, the much-loved vendors will be back this season starting on May 2nd. This means that we'll have a true full season of enjoying huaraches, pupusas, grilled corn, those delicious fruit drinks, and so much more.

Last year the season got cut short (along with their profits) and they didn't open until July due to the new requirement that the vendors operate out of trucks.

This year with the full season, we'll all have that many more chances to indulge on the food and help support these amazing vendors.

Check out an article in Brooklyn Paper about this here


Kristen said...

Very exciting! Pass the pupusas, please.

Andrea V. said...

Mmm. At the fruit stand ask for the mango slices with "todos" (everything). They'll sprinkle on lemon juice, spices, and salt. Can't wait!