Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reminder: Books Through Bars bbq and book drive Saturday 5/8

Just a reminder that there will be a great event at Freebird on Saturday, 5/8, from 2-6pm! Details according to a Freebird email:

Just a reminder that if you have leftover books and are looking to make space in your cramped apartment, we are leading a book drive on May 8 for the grassroots organization, Books Through Bars, a non-profit which donates books to prisoners across the country.

Since the occasion roughly coincides with the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain's passing, we will honor his memory with Six Point beer, grilled food, and, of course, T-shirts! All Freebird's proceeds from the sale of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer T-shirts (made by our friends at Novel-T) will go to Books Through Bars, which also needs money to cover the costs of postage for their donations.

Speaking of which, books donated to BTB are tax deductible. Books Through Bars is especially looking for books in the following categories -- and preferably in paperback, to cut down on postage costs:

  • African-American history, especially 20th century
  • Native American history
  • Latin American history
  • Radical politics
  • Social sciences and psychology
  • Dictionaries, thesauruses, and Spanish-English dictionaries
  • Learning world languages
  • How-to (drawing, chess, sign language...)
  • Mayan and Aztec history
  • Memoirs and fiction by people of color
  • Mythology
  • Poetry anthologies

That said, we don’t want to turn away any generous offers and what BTB can’t use will either make its way into Freebird’s general population or off to another charitable organization.

Freebird Books
123 Columbia Street (between Kane and Degraw streets)

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