Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stalled Development Sites

Council member Brad Lander recently unveiled a new website that provides information on stalled development sites across the 39th Council District. The purpose of this site is to make information on the sites readily available and to start a discussion about possible legislative changes and other long term solutions that could remedy the problems that these sites represent for our communities.

Many of the development sites on the list were submitted to his office by local residents, so while the list has many locations, it is not complete. The Columbia Waterfront section, for example, shows two sites, while I'm sure that there are several more. Please visit this new website and submit information on anything that you find missing so that it can be as comprehensive as possible. We wouldn't want to miss out on any positive changes to these development sites by forgetting to submit information!

Check out the website here and read below for a portion of the email that announced the release of the project:

Many of you have talked to me about stalled development sites on your blocks - half-built structures, abandoned foundations, or vacant lots surrounded by plywood fencing. Too often, we've seen fences falling down onto sidewalks and loose construction debris blow in the wind. Many blocks have been turned into "moonscapes."

We need to take action to confront the problem - to make sure the sites are safe and secure, and to work together on longer-term solutions. Some sites are appropriate to become mixed-income or affordable housing. Some have violated our zoning rules and must be corrected. Some could provide pocket-parks or community gardens.

We thought the way to start was to get our community on the same (web)page about just what is going on at these stalled development sites. So we got right to work creating a new, interactive tool.


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