Monday, February 22, 2010

Reminder: Submit accident information and take Safer Streets survey

A member of our Facebook group uploaded the above accident photo this week, which shows an accident that took place last August on Summit and Columbia between a truck and a car.

Since our neighborhood walk-through with representatives from the DOT and Elected Official offices was postponed due to the snow last week, there's still time for community residents to submit photos, videos, or details about accidents and other traffic issues, as well as to take the COWNA Safer Street Survey.


ssss said...

It's just a regular junction, no more dangerous than any other. The problems rooted in the fact the it's too easy to get a drivers licence here, Americans can't drive.

Robey said...

Actually, it's not a regular junction. It's a poorly marked all way stop with traffic coming from four directions due to the re-routing of traffic up Summit St. for construction. Drivers are so poor in other countries that these "junctions" have largely given way to traffic circles. I witnessed that accident while standing in front of Reds. The driver of the car never even slowed down because the non-DOT stop sign is mounted too low. He couldn't see the sign. The truck had come to a full stop and allowed a N'bound car on Columbia to proceed. I felt bad for the truck driver because he spoke barely any English and did a poor job of telling his side of the story. Anyway, this will continue to be a dangerous intersection for cars and pedestrians until they return Summit Street to a continuously West bound street. As long as it remains "one way" in opposing directions and crossing a two-way thoroughfare it will be a problem.