Sunday, February 21, 2010

The new COWNA Environment Committe

Concerned about environmental issues in our community? Looking for a way to get involved in local issues?

If so, then please consider participating in the newly established Environment Committee of the Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood Association (COWNA)!!!

The Environment Committee will conduct research, outreach, and advocacy around locally relevant environmental issues, ranging from small issues to large ones.

Some topics on the agenda for discussion during the first meeting include:

- Adding more bike racks to the neighborhood
- Planting more trees and protecting the existing ones
- Reducing port and traffic related emissions
- Building capacity and participation at local parks, gardens, and green spaces
- Access to composting, recycling, and e-waste disposal

You're also welcome to bring your own ideas and areas of interest to the table!

The first meeting will be this Thursday, 2/25, at 7pm. Please email cbarker1 {at} if you would like to come to the meeting or participate on the committee in any way.

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