Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fultummys International Sandwich Cafe coming to Columbia St soon!

We heard from the owner of this space a while back that the new tenant would be offering some sort of Asian cuisine. In the months since, we've also heard murmurs of an "international sandwich cafe."

Well today, the new sign is up on what used to be the Piccolo Cafe space, and it reads Fultummys. A quick search on the internet brought us to their facebook page, which confirms the description of International Sandwich Cafe (see flyer/logos below). The facebook page also mentions that they've been working on entirely redoing the space (see image below) and that they hope to be open as early as this week!

We're hoping some Vietnamese Sandwiches will be among the options! Its also so exciting to see something new opening up in light of recent losses.

Remodeling and flyer images from the Fultummy's facebook page.

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boccalupo said...

I sure hope their food is better than their name.