Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time to start making some calls (Salt Pile)

Please start calling the following phone numbers about the salt pile. Enough is enough, as the salt in the air may potentially have health risks, and is also causing damage to our trees, plants, and vehicles.

*Call American Stevedoring (port operator, responsible for managing the pile)



*Call 311 (outdoor air quality complaint-DEP)

*Call Community Board 6


*Call your local elected officials

Council Member David Yassky (port)


Council Member Bill de Blasio (Columbia Street)



Lauren Young said...

Also, email/call Joan Millman and Marty Markowitz!

Gregory said...

Salt is great for the lungs

Anonymous said...

and don't forget Nadler. He represents the waterfront in congress, and loves him some longshoreman.

of course there is Bloomberg, who really couldn't give a crap cause yeah know...

Anonymous said...

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