Thursday, December 10, 2009

Return of the salt menace!

There were reports at the CoWNA meeting on Monday that the cover on the salt pile at the piers along Columbia Street was starting to come loose. It seems that today it has really come loose, as we've begun to receive reports of salt blowing in the wind and leaving a salty film on cars, windows, and everything else in its path.

Please send us your pictures and stories of the current situation! The more attention we can generate the better. We need to actually get the pile removed this time so that we don't have to continually worry about the next salt storm! (reminder: you can email, comment, or tweet us @wordoncolumbia)

As a reminder, the salt pile first emerged last winter and grew to enormous proportions last Spring. It was initially uncovered last Spring, sending salt flurries through the air and leaving a film everywhere, but it was eventually covered due to pressure from CoWNA and elected officials. It was determined at the time that the pile could remain at this location, as long as it remained covered. It seems that whoever was responsible for keeping it covered has not done their job, and the neighborhood is once again subject to this annoying and potentially dangerous situation.

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Image above from "Emergency Neighborhood meeting.." post above, 4/27/09


Jason said...

I live right across the street form it, on the top floor, so we get a very good view of what is going on. They have been removing salt from the pile for a least two weeks now. That activity has been hidden by the containers, but they are now well into the pile ans the cover does not function anymore. The wind getting under the cover and putting the salt into the air.

Chris B. said...

Any chance you can get a picture? Are they removing salt to remove the pile or to use the salt (only to be replenished)?


Jason said...

Yeah, I will take a picture tomorrow morning. That seems to be when there is the most activity.

It's hard to say what their final plan is, but the salt is being put into large trucks and hauled away.

Lauren Young said...

This is NOT the White Christmas we have been dreaming of. My mouth has a nasty salty smell. My car, plants, and all the trees on Columbia Street are covered in salt. It's gross. I'll take photos and call anyone and everyone.

Lauren Young said...

Chris: Which elected officials/community types do you suggest we call/contact about this?