Thursday, December 3, 2009

Save the Red Hook Lights on Van Brunt & Hamilton!

Anyone who's walked around near Van Brunt and Hamilton Ave. anytime in the past year or so will have noticed that the big red Red Hook lights on the side of the Golten Marine building have been out. Well now's your chance to help bring them back - just in time for the holiday season!

Head over to a site called "Save the Red Hook Lights" to give a donation via paypal and have your name added to the growing list of donors. We've also read that Bait & Tackle is collecting donations, if you prefer to keep your money off the internet.

Walking past today, we noticed that the H and the O are already lit!

Image via Save the Red Hook Lights via Flickr


Anonymous said...

yeah sure Bait and Tackle money will end up will help. help that idiot fill his pockets.

saveredhooklights said...

Well, anonymous, the money isn't going to Bait & Tackle. The bartenders there were kind enough to offer to be a central spot for donations.