Sunday, December 13, 2009

Salt Pile Update

As of early yesterday the salt pile was returned to a (mostly) covered state. As we mentioned before, this does not appear to be a longterm solution, and we have thankfully heard word that efforts beyond this will be made in coming weeks. Please stay tuned for details about that as they are soldified, and be patient while the process is underway. Of course, if anyone is aware of the salt pile cover coming loose again before this happens, please let us and your elected officials know.

Thanks to anyone who made calls or sent emails to elected officials, as it seems they were instrumental in getting this problem resolved. Further details on that to also come at a later date.

Anyone who has leads in terms of getting lab analysis on salt samples done would also be greatly appreciated!

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ppond36 said...

I just want to mention thast this is not the first time American Stevedoring dumped salt in their lot on Columbia Street. They had a salt pile in the '90s, started dumping in 1993, with the same problems of blowing salt, trucks working on Columia Street at all hours, etc. The pile was eventually covered and was moved out by the late '90s.
I'm saddened for the lovely neighborhood of Columbia Street that has to deal with this ongoing issue.