Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's happening to Pit Stop?

A couple of weeks ago we walked past Pit Stop and saw signs on the window advertising that the restaurant would soon be making changes to appeal to families and kids by becoming a racecar themed Bistro 4 Kids. This made a lot of sense, since they had always been popular among families anyway - especially when they previously had the playspace in the back that kids could run around in.

Then, a few days later, I ran into Laurent, the owner of Pit Stop, and asked if I could write a post about the new concept. He told me that it would actually no longer be happening, because he had finally found a buyer for the restaurant. Indeed, Pit Stop had been for sale since the beginning of the summer, and when it seemed that there were no takers, Laurent came up with the new concept, only to find a buyer soon after.

So now there will no longer be Pit Stop as we've known it in the past, or the new kid's Pit Stop concept - that is unless the new buyer decides to run with either or both of those.

Whatever the new buyer decides to do, we can only hope that the food and atmosphere are as good as what Pit Stop had to offer.

Pit Stop has been open for 6 years, but this past Spring Laurent became head chef at a new restaurant at the Hotel Rivington in Manhattan, LEVANTeast.

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