Monday, November 2, 2009

Realty Collective buys Frank Manzione!

We've always thought that there was a seemingly high concentration of real estate agencies in our little neighborhood, but the number has just gone down by one. The Realty Collective, which started in 2005 and was located on Union St., has purchased Frank Manzione Real Estate, which has been in the area for years, and relocated to the Manzione Columbia St. location.

According to Brownstoner (via Brooklyn Based):

[Realty Collective] has thrived by differentiating itself as a group of brokers with artistic leanings and good hearts, tripled its listings when it bought Manzione earlier this month.

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Image above from Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

Hope the keep Mary, she is a legend. She got me two places in the nabe.

Anonymous said...

Hope they lose Mary. She helped push me and my wife out of our apartment when my wife was eight months pregnant and didn't seem to see anything wrong with it.