Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Tunnel to Towers Run - Today!

If you walk outside this morning- especially near Hamilton Ave. - you're likely to run into music and announcements over a loudspeaker and hundreds of people lined up and ready to run through the battery tunnel.

They are lined up for the annual Tunnel to Towers Run, honoring Steven Siller, an off duty firefighter than ran from Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan through the Battery Tunnel on 9/11 and lost his life. The race retraces his footsteps to honor him, and all other firefighters, police, and EMS workers that served that day.

And this year's race is going on despite the pouring rain and a fire that destroyed many of the race's shirts and supplies. Read more about that on WCBS or another WCBS article on the Run here. There is also Gothamist coverage here.

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