Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jazz and Art Today!

The art in the community gardens is still up (varying end dates in each garden) so be sure to check it out soon! The Backyard Garden's tour even has a podcast that you can download to guide you through the garden, explaining some garden history and the art pieces themselves, which consist of make-believe animals that kids will enjoy.

Then today from 1:30-5:30, be sure to come by the Urban Meadow for the Red Hook Jazz Festival. The art installation there, Hydrologic, will be there to look at and enjoy during the concert. Check out a photo and the artist statement about this piece below:

Portion of Artist Statement:
Hydo+Logic confronts our bottled water habit, of which produces 1.5 million tons of plastic waste and uses 17 million barrels of oil each year. Another 5 million barrels of oil are consumed in transportation. Although many bottles are recycled, over eighty percent reside in landfills, composed of a resin that decays at an extremely slow rate. Although the bottled water industry has marketed its convenient, healthy product very well, consumers are beginning to question its environmental impact. America’s municipal water systems are thoroughly inspected and produce clean, safe water. Consequently, many people are electing to drink tap over bottled water.

Our installation will gather and assemble over 2000 disposed water bottles to be reused in the garden. Hydro+Logic will refill the bottles to provide a unique experience for its visitors. Water is ubiquitous and essential for life. It re-hydrates and cleanses the body. It is versatile and cohesive. However, we often take the molecule for granted. We rarely celebrate it transparency or its refraction of light. Hydro+Logic embraces the opportunity to showcase water’s inherent beauty. The presence of this natural, nurturing force literally and metaphorically will “fill” the emptiness of the plastic bottles.
****Pardon the appearance of the photos above, but yesterday was a rainy and hazy day. We'll try to get some clearer images of these pieces and all of the others today.******

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Andrea V.J. said...

What a great weekend for the District!