Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lecture about NY Waterfronts

The following event, posted on the CGNA listserve, is taking place in Manhattan but is of interest to our neighborhood for obvious reasons:

On the Waterfront in New York: A Lecture

Wednesday, October 14, 6:30pm, The Seamen's Church Institute
241 Water Street, Manhattan

This panel will examine the history and future of the waterfront through different lenses, from the commercial past of its wharves and docks to the adaptive reuse of structures still lining its edges. Richard A. Greenwald, professor of history and dean of graduate studies at Drew University will discuss the commercial aspects of New York City's waterfront development from the mid-19th century up to 1950 as depicted in the film, "On the Waterfront". Roland Lewis, president and CEO of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, will examine the reuse of industrial structures along the City's waterfront. Kevin Bone, an architect and editor of several books on the waterfront, will address the history and development of Manhattan's historic seawall, a gargantuan structure which encircles the whole island and has literally shaped how the city has grown.

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